Shariaa and legal consultancies and studies

  • We have the honor to provide Shariaa and legal consultancies and studies for
    all inquiries, subjects and procedures required by the entities contracting with
    the office in all legal fields
  • We provide Shariaa and legal consultancies in all laws and procedures to our
    clients to ensure that they take correct decisions and implantation steps
    • We settle all Shariaa and legal issues that face our clients and we add the
    Shariaa and legal form to their works to ensure stability and continuance of
    their business
  • We make legal revision for internal governance rules and policies to ensure
    that they cope with the provisions of Saudi Law of Companies and the
    elevant laws


Labor, criminal, commercial, administrative, traffic and implementation lawsuits

  • Pleading before all judicial and semi-judicial authorities of all types and classes
  • We draft and prepare declarations and pleas
    • We perform comprehensive legal study to the client if he wishes to file a lawsuit, and we
    show him the pints of strength and the points of weakness and the percentage
    of winning the lawsuit
    • Representation of clients in all lawsuits filed against them, as well as protecting
    their rights and interests
    • Implementation of judicial judgments, arbitrators judgments including local
    and foreign judgments

Foreign investment

Business boom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires us to maintain
the large economic volume in the region by professional and satisfactory
performance of the works related to investment including the following

  • Incorporation and registration of foreign or mixed companies

• Follow-up of issuing licenses and commercial registration certificates to foreign
investors and representing foreign investors in all that is required with
official and non-official bodies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Preparation of investment and participation contracts whether the project
    is wholly foreign or mixed
    Foreign investment

Conciliation, arbitration and reconciliation

• Representing our clients in the councils of conciliation
and settlement of disputes under consideration with
arbitration boards
• Holding conciliation councils and amicable settlement
of disputes
• Preparation of arbitration document and memoranda of
understanding and approval of the same by the dispute
Conciliation, arbitration and reconciliation

Companies and commercial services

Our office performs the following

  • Incorporation of all types of companies
    •Preparationof companies memoranda of assocition,
    amendment thereof and any decrease or increase
    which may occur in the company capital
    • Preparation, drafting and revision of companies
    articles of association, companies governance
    regulations, internal audit regulations and attending
    the meetings of boards of directors
    • Registration of trade names and trademarks
    Companies and commercial services

Real estates

  • Drafting and preparing lands investment contract, real estates development and
    resulting disputes.
    • Drafting and preparing contracts on real estates lease, investment and disputes
    • Rendering court instruments and follow-up of their legal procedures .
    • Settlement of disputes on real estates ownership, instruments overlap,
    encroachments and expropriation .
    • Preparation and implementation of real estates registration and concluding
    real estates mortgagecontracts.
    • Properties management.


  • Establishment of endowments and
    rendering endowment instruments
    • Preparation of endowment document.
    • Preparation of control board regulation
    •Preparation of powers regulation of
    control board
    • Establishment of endowment establishments
    and companies

Contracts and agreements

  • We make preparation and legal drafting for all types of contracts
    including contracting, supply and investment contracts in addition
    to agreements and memoranda of understanding, revising and
    auditing the same
    • Preparing and concluding clearings and making legal settlements